International Medical
Cannabis Conference 2018
In April 2018, the Ukrainian Association of Medical Сannabis, in partnership with the National Pharmaceutical University (Kharkiv) and the University of Medical Sciences in Lithuania (Kaunas), organized the 1st International Medical Cannabis Conference in Ukraine.
The key emphasis was made on the healing properties of cannabis and hemp and on the broad opportunities that would open for Ukraine in the event of permission to introduce international experience in domestic medicine.
During the 1st Conference, we had the honor to host such outstanding specialists as:

    • Dr Marek Bachański, a Polish pediatrician, a neurologist who deals with the treatment of nervous system diseases with a special emphasis on epilepsy, including drug-resistant epilepsy, and applies medical cannabis in treatment;
    • Dorotą Gudaniec, founder and chairman of Fundacja Krok Po Kroku Center in Poland that provides assistance in the treatment of children with epilepsy by medical cannabis;
    • Saul Kaye, founder and CEO of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis and the true leader in the Israeli hemp ecosystem;
    • Dr. Jokūbas Žiburkus, co-founder of Canntelligence, an educational and innovation company at the Houston University Innovation Center, which studies the influence of cannabinoids on brain structures and issues of advanced treatment for neurological disorders;
    • Liudas Ivanauskas, professor of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;
    • Dmitry Isaev, Ph.D. (Medicine), a neurophysiologist, a leading researcher at the Institute of Physiology n.a. O.O. Bogomolets of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
    Invited speakers, both foreign and domestic, have demonstrated the results of research on medical cannabis in foreign countries, talked about the experience of using medical cannabis in hospital practice abroad and discussed the problems of legalization and prospects of using medical cannabis in Ukraine.
    The event was attended by about 500 participants, 173 doctors and 70 medical patients among them. Legal assistancet International Medical Cannabis Conference had such a powerful response in Ukrainian society and the media that organizing the second conference was just a matter of time. The conference demonstrated to the general public that cannabis is not only an integral part of the Ukrainian national heritage but also the future of medicine and a remarkable engine of legal and economic processes.