Medical cannabis
against PTSD
Meeting with veterans, organized together with the Veteran Hub and the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, was held on February 21, 2019 in Kyiv. Veterans have listened to a lecture "Medical cannabis in the treatment of PTSD".
Speakers were:

Gennadiy Shabas – Attorney, Head of NGO "Ukrainian Association of Medical Cannabis"

Dmitry Isaev – Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Physiology n. a. Bohomolets, who worked in the United States and the UAE, participated in numerous world scientific conferences, in particular in ICBMB 2017, and was the first person to perform patch clamp in the UAE.

Svyatoslav Prokhorov – Veteran of War in Donbass against Russian Army and Russia-backed separatists, Ph.D. (Medicine), Military doctor who spoke about the practice of using cannabinoids in PTSD therapy on the example of Canada, the United States and Israel. The participants of the meeting were doctors, ATO veterans, specialists in the field of law.