March of Freedom
This event is held annually. Participants demand to legalize use of cannabis in medical needs and allow scientists to conduct research, since it helps in the treatment of a great deal of diseases. About 50 police officers provide security during the event, yet there are no preconditions for violations of public order. March of Freedom gathers hundreds of people each year and is held near the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Our requirements:
  • To ensure respect of human rights for the access and use of effective medicines, including those made on the basis of cannabis;
  • to create proper conditions for the full use of plants in medical and scientific activities, including for the purpose of development, clinical research and state registration of effective medicines and treatment protocols that include the use of products containing cannabinoids;
  • to regulate the issues of legal turnover (acquisition, storage, transfer) of products containing cannabinoids, including in sick persons, who use them exclusively for their own medical purposes, by medical prescription, and without the purpose of trade.
The activists made an open appeal to all political parties and organizations that called for the unification of efforts to approve Bill 10313 on the use of cannabis in the medical sector. According to the plan, Parliament should review the bill on July 11.